No Regrets… Kind of

No regrets

I’ve heard it said, “live with no regrets.”  I’m here to challenge that philosophy of living. First of all let me say I get that it comes from a mindset of living life to it’s fullest. However, if I’m truly going to jump in head first toward my dreams and aspirations with determination and gusto I’m not always going to get it right. I will mess up. Messing up by its very definition is getting it wrong. Making mistakes. And mistakes can lead to regret.

When I think of my greatest regret it stems from my greatest discovery. It comes from the discipline that improved my life the most. I highly regret that I didn’t have enough discipline in my younger years of life to have a consistent, daily time with Jesus. I regret I couldn’t carve out enough time each day to thank God, to read his word & pray to him for more than just my emergencies. However, that regret caused me to tell others. It motivates me to spread the word about how important it is to spend time daily with Jesus. That time with Jesus is literally the number one thing that has singlehandedly revolutionized my life. Given me confidence. Security. Wisdom. Hope. And a plethora of other qualities. And best of all, I feel really close to God.

Now that I have created the daily habit of spending time with Jesus I regret I didn’t start it sooner. However, I taken that regret, flipped it around and turned it for good. I talk to my kids, actually, I’ll talk to anyone who will listen about how impactful a daily talk with Jesus & some time in his word will change you for the better.

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