My Favorite Way to Exercise


I’m going to let you in on a little something I discovered about three years ago.  First, a little background information. For many years I was a runner.  It was my sole mode of exercise.  I trained for races, was a part of a running club and ran 3-5 times a week. When my knees began giving me issues, I transitioned to group fitness classes at my local gym. I participated for a few years quite regularly.  I was consistently going 4-5 times a week.  I found myself bored with the classes. My solution was to have a friend join me. I figured I’d enjoy it much more with a friend.  I asked my gal-pal, Ashley, who was also a gym member, if she’d join me for a class or two each week.  She opted out with the reason that she was “very passionate about lifting weights” and would I care to join her instead? I could not say I was passionate about any type of exercise, so I opted to give her passion a try. The fitness class I hated the most was coming up, so I said I’d join her for lifting weights on that day.  That was 3 years ago.  I’ve been lifting weights with Ashley ever since.  I stuck with it for several reasons.  One, I was right, having a friend to workout with is motivational and way more fun. Ashley is a wealth of knowledge and taught me everything I now know. 

What I’m about to tell you regarding exercise goes beyond motivation and friendship though. Those are great. However, lifting weights transformed my body more than any other type of exercise! I wasn’t out to bulk up or enter bodybuilding contests. My desire was simply to stay in shape.  What I didn’t anticipate was the way my muscles would transform. I began to see definition in my back, shoulders and abs. I’d never had that before. Never.  I’m still not a body builder, but that was never the goal. I look healthy and strong. I feel great. And, I highly recommend lifting weights as an excellent form of exercise.  

Below is an example of how I  break up my muscle groups.  However, I mix things up every so often to keep my muscles confused. Ashley taught me muscle confusion aids in muscle develop!

Monday: Legs & Glutes

Tuesday: Shoulder & Back

Wednesday: Abs & Chest

Thursday: Legs again

Friday: Biceps & Triceps 

I still enjoy the cardio aspect of running & fitness classes, so Ashley and I usually end our workout with some type of cardio.  May I also suggest beginning and ending your workout with a good stretch.  Your 47 year old self will thank you one day!

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