I Spray Painted My Window.

I spray painted my window

When we first began making design decisions for the house we currently live in, we had no intention of calling it home for our family. We were just going to flip it.  The 900 square foot size of the space automatically places it in a price range for resale.  We purchased windows taking that into consideration. I loved the size of the living room window and it outweighed the disappointing tan color it came in.  Also, and more weighty,  the price for the quality was a selling point.

When we decided we may want to call that little house home afterall, the windows were trimmed and set.  I’ve wanted to change the windows for the last 4 years we’ve lived here.  It is still not a priority.  However, I did uncover a quick fix and finally got up the courage to try it out.  I spray painted my window trim!

Wash window

Step 1: First things first, clean the window frame.  I found that mine had collected dust and needed a quick scrub before putting any paint on it. It’s also smart to have a well ventilated area.  Spray paint is a strong smell.

Step 2: Using painters tape, mark off the glass and trim around the window.  Be very particular about this step. 

Tape window

Step 3: Using plastic masking film that clings to the window and tape it off, you don’t have to be as particular with this as long as you cover the glass fully. Also use the cling along the outer edge of the window frame and extend it far because spray paint has a significant overspray.  

Step 4: It’s time to spray!  I used Rustoleum black satin.  Be careful not to get too close, that causes drips.  Use long sweeping motions taking periodic breaks to shake the can.

Spray paint window


Step 5: Once the entire window frame is sprayed, let the paint set for a few minutes, but not long.  You don’t want the paint to adhere to the tape and pull away from the window frame when the tape is pulled off.

THAT”S IT.  It’s that simple.

A few things to note: 

  • Spray painting your windows negates the warranty.  
  • If you miss a spot, spray some paint into the spray paint  lid and use a small paint brush to fill in any missing areas.
  • Overspray comes off easily from glass with a razor blade  edge. 
  • Overspray does not come off easily from furniture & walls, be sure to use plenty of drop cloths!


Living room


I spray painted my window
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