DIY Table Lamp Dupe

Table Lamp Dupe

I’m really not a DIYer, but I keep finding myself pulling out the glue gun and spray paint.  I figure if it has less than 3 steps and doesn’t require much precision, then even I can handle it.  A few weeks back my friend sent me a photo of a lamp she saw while shopping for home decor.  She said, “This looks like something you’d like & I bet you could make it.”  

I’ll be the first to admit, I would rather shop for a deal than create something.  I pride myself in my ability to scope out a bargain. When it comes to crafty projects I often end up spending more than I intended, and liking my reproduction less.  This particular lamp had a $925 price tag.  That gave me a lot of wiggle room to do it for less. It felt like a challenge I couldn’t fail.  I mean, it could fail, but not because of its price point.  I knew I could recreate it for less.  Much less.

This is the lamp I set out to recreate.

I picked up a lamp with modern lines from Goodwill for $8. I ordered a pack of 1 inch wooden balls from Amazon for $9. I bought a lamp shade from Walmart for $12.  And lastly, I purchased a can of satin finish spray paint for $4. Using the hot glue I already had on hand I got to work.  I measured out the proper spacing, which felt very thorough for me.  I typically prefer to eyeball it.  The one thing I didn’t do, and I wish I had, was to scuff up the lamp a bit with sandpaper to help the wooden balls adhere more securely. A few fell off when I spray painted.  Before reattaching them, I used the sandpaper on those spots. Lesson learned.


I literally glued on the wooden balls, spray painted the lamp and called it good! For under $35 I have a very trendy, stylish $925 lamp dupe. I think it’s safe to say, I’m proud of the results.

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