A Short Girl’s Jean Fringe Hem

Denim fringe DIY

I’m short. As in, I’m 5’2”. I like to say my “height” is in my torso.  Leaving my legs with very little vertical elevation. I love that a raw edge seam is instyle for jeans right now. I have to alter about 90% of the denim I wear, unless it’s sold as “cropped”  Cropped usually fits me as a regular hem. 

The raw edge style makes altering jeans quite easy: just chop them off!  However, I love a significant fringe on the cut edge. When I looked up the easiest way to accomplish this, I was discouraged to find out I needed to pull the horizontal threads from the denim one by one with a needle, leaving the vertical threads as the desired fringe.  

I’m not known for jumping on a project that takes a lot of intricate work and extended time.  I just don’t have the patience to do it. However, I uncovered a solution!  It’s worked out perfectly. Here’s what I did:

Denim fringe
  1. Cut upward every 1/8th of an inch all the way around the bottom of the denim.
  2. Cut up as high as you want the fringe to appear.
  3. Wet the cut section and ring it out.
  4. Throw them in the dryer.  This is where the magic happens.  Each cut strip begins to fringe, giving the illusion that you pulled each horizontal thread in the denim which would take hours and hours to do!  But you didn’t  you just made little cuts all the way around the hem.
  5. If it’s not frayed enough, wet again.  Dry again.  With each wash the fringe gets better and better!


Finished denim fringe

It’s literally that simple.  The only thing left to do is to slip on your favorite shoes and shirt with your freshly styled jeans and have a ball!

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