What do you mean Morning Routine?

Morning Routine

I recently had someone message me and ask about my morning routine. I flipped through the blog to send her a link and realized it’s been a year and a half since I posted about what my morning routine looks like.  It’s something I post about daily on Instagram, so 1.5 years feels like too long of a stretch to not revisit and update you on any revisions.  At the very least, I need to let you know how it’s going!

Allow me to begin by saying it is truly the best part of my day.  I know!  I get to begin each day with my favorite part. If you are just beginning a morning routine or simply thinking about it and know it requires getting up earlier than you already do, it’s hard to imagine it being anyone’s favorite part of their day.  You may be assuming I’m a morning person and that I love mornings. That would not be true.  I actually had to develop this skill. Yes, the act of rising early with joy is a skill.  For me it was a skill that took long tedious practice.
I began with getting really good at a simple 10 minute morning routine and I talk about that HERE.
That was 6 years ago. Today my morning routine takes about an hour.  It doesn’t have to take an hour.  I WANT it to take that long.  Like I mentioned, I love this part of my day.  It’s the part of the day I connect with the God that created me, the guy who loves me and thinks I’m super cool.  When I fully embraced that as truth it made a world of difference in how I spend my time with Him.
I’m going to let you in on a little secret that not enough people realize or at least aren’t willing to accept.  Here it is nonetheless: God is such a big fan of you.  He delights in you.  He’s so happy he created you! Hard to imagine? It was for me too.  But the more I spend time with him during my morning routine, the more I can’t deny he’s super proud of his human creation.
Let’s get to it. Here is how I spend the first part of every morning!
6:30 summer wake up/ 6:00 during the school year. I no longer need an alarm.  My night owl body has been trained to wake up before dawn! That in itself is a miracle I never thought was possible.
STEP ONE: Make Coffee. I love one cup of strong coffee with a long dash of Dunkin Donuts Extra Extra Sweet Cream in my Ember cup that keeps it my selected temperature through my whole routine.
STEP TWO: While sipping coffee, I document in my DAY ONE app a quick recap of the previous day.  I also include a photo from the day that I snapped with my phone.  I’ve done this for about 6 years now and the largest benefit I’ve uncovered from this practice is that it builds my faith in God.  How can an online journal recapping your day build your faith?  I’m so glad you asked. The Day One app makes it so easy to look back on the date from previous years. As I’ve don’t that I read about things that were stressing me out or had be so worried and now, having the gift of hindsight, I can see how it all worked out.
STEP THREE: In handwritten form I jot down the same thing everyday: My word of the year. This year it’s RESOLVE.  Then I write down the 4 words I want to describe me in 10 years when people think about me. {This is a practice I learned from Brendon Burchard.} Finally, I write out the 10 dreams I’m working towards. { This practice I learned from Rachel Hollis using her Start Today Journals}
STEP FOUR: I study the Bible.  This can take on several forms.  I’ve found the most success using a Bible study, written by someone more well educated than myself to learn from. I’m current’y using Beth Moore’s THE QUEST.  It’s a favorite and I’ve done a lot my several different authors.
STEP FIVE: I pray.  I use a Prayer Journal by Val Marie Paper.  It helps me to focus during prayer and this practice also helps me to track the faithfulness of God through answered prayers.
STEP SIX: I meditate.  I use the CALM APP. I set the timer for 5 minutes and breath.  I sit in silent and stillness.  It’s the hardest part of my routine.  5 minutes still feels like 5 hours and I’ve stayed at 5 minutes for well over a year.  I can’t seem to get the hang of it.  However, I have gotten better.  Also, I’ve settled into the fact that I’m a slow learner.  Things worth learning take time.  Extra time for me.
STEP SEVEN: I review the verse I’m putting to memory.  My mind can quickly take my down rabbit holes of despair if I allow it.  Sometimes even when I don’t allow it.  My mind will default to despair.  So I use truths from the Bible to stay positive and truth filled. 
That’s it! If you’ve begun a morning routine, I’d love to hear how it’s going.  Leave me a comment or email me!
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