We Set Sail with a Simple Yes

Two years ago we were asked by some friends to join them on a couples’ retreat.  It was a sailing adventure hosted by Winshape Marriage.  We’d never done anything like it before, but we’d heard great things. Not fully understanding what we were agreeing to, we said yes.

To say “it was an adventure of a lifetime” is so cliche’, but it’s true.  Seeing creation from the unique vantage point of a catamaran made the ocean appear bluer and the glow of the sunrises more vivid.  Drew and I had time to just be together, no real agenda or expectations. We talked about our future and hinted at dreams. We also snorkeled and hiked, things we typically didn’t do together, but discovered we really enjoyed.

Our captain was passionate about sailing and loved sharing his knowledge with those of whom showed interest.  Drew was one of those people. I simply loved the wind in my hair and the glide of the hulls through the water,, but Drew loved the challenge of understanding the mechanics and science of how the boat maneuvered.

Upon returning home, Drew and I couldn’t stop talking about the trip.  We loved visiting majestic islands and arriving ashore via a boat powered by wind! Drew took his passion to the next level and signed up to take sailing lessons.  His stories from the trip also peaked the interest of our oldest two kids and they signed up for courses too.

The sailing lessons only fueled Drew’s passion and the next thing I knew he was studying to get his captain’s license.  While he studied we’d like weekend trips to the ocean and rent a boat. There was a learning curve. We experienced a few gusts of wind that keeled the boat to a degree I was convinced we were going overboard. Thankfully we survived.  

Two years from the first time we stepped aboard a sailboat, we had the opportunity to lead our own marriage adventure with Captain Drew at the helm. We wanted others to experience the impact such a trip made on us both individually and as couple.  

One simple “yes” turned into a life altering experience that has forever changed us for the better.  Our hope is that we will continue to offer sailing adventures for couples so that they too can get away to dream together and make a huge impact on their marriage, which will in turn impact their family, their community and, ultimately, the world!

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