Urban Outfitter DIY Planter Dupe

DIY Urban Outfitter Dupe

I have a very simple, yet very rewards DIY for you today.  It’s SO SIMPLE, in fact,  I created it from my car! All it requires are 3 items found at the dollar store or, likely, items you already have on hand.

1. Glue

2. Spray Paint

3. 4 Foam Rings

With these items you’ll be creating a modern planter inspired by a pot found at Urban Outfitter, but for a fraction of the price. I was so excited to try this project out, I began gluing the foam pieces together from my car after leaving the Dollar Tree with my supplies.

First I spread a line of glue around the top of one of the foam rings and added another foam ring on top of it. I did this until it was the height of an average pot a plant may come in.  In my case, I used 4 rings.  Two tips to keep in mind:  allow the glue to dry fully before beginning to paint.  Secondly, I recommend lining up the seams with each foam piece, so the backside is consistent.  Wait until the glue has fully dried.  I waited 24 hours. Actually, I waited a few weeks, but that’s only because I forgot about the project and had moved on to other things. It’s obviously not necessary to wait THAT long. It was good and dry though, and ready for spray paint.  I used a white spray paint I had leftover in our garage. Voila it was done and ready for a plant!

Planter items
Urban Planter

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