Top 10 Reasons I Love Living Tiny

It’s been 2 years since we moved out of a traditional neighborhood with a traditional American-sized home and into our little house in the woods. As a family of 6, we downsized our belongings, as well as our square footage.  To get more specific, we moved from a 2,300 square foot home to a 900 square foot house. Our little space is just enough to keep us close, but also offers room to regroup individually.  However, if you want too much space, you may need to head into the great outdoors, just beyond the windows for your alone time.  It’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with an enclosed loft we turned into a bedroom for the girls, adding about 200 more feet. You need to be skilled in ladder climbing to access it.  In addition, we have an open concept kitchen and living room. The vaulted ceilings and white walls help it to feel more spacious than it is. We use every inch of our home everyday!

Here are my top 10 reasons I have loved living “tiny”:

  1. I can vacuum my whole house using the same plug. One of the plugs in the living room is centrally located and allows me to vacuum the whole house without ever having to plug into another outlet.
  1. In that same vein, cleaning up a small house is a breeze.  Compared to houses we have lived in previously, clean up goes much quicker.  Naturally, there just isn’t as much to scrub!
  1. It brings us together as a family.  With not as much space between us, it forces us to be together! In this technological age, I see that as a very good thing!
  1.  It forces me to to be a better minimalist.  I love stuff.  I’m a consumer by nature. I easily get sucked in by commercials and Instagram ads. I love home decor.  However, over the last several years I’ve come to greatly appreciate the wisdom in owning less to experience more! Having a small home doesn’t allow me to live with excess.  There’s just no room for it!
  1. It gets us outside.  Let’s be honest, sometimes you don’t want to be in close proximity to people all the time, especially if you’re an introvert! We have a large back porch that spans the length of our house. It serves as an extension of our home. I especially love it in the spring before the Georgia heat rolls in.
  1. It’s less to manage. Owning less means fewer things can break down or go wrong.
  1. Gathering people in our home feels simpler.  I never wanted having a small house to be an excuse to not welcome people into our home.  We love inviting friends, family and soon to become friends into our house regularly. I don’t know if it’s all of the above reasons combined, but having people over now just isn’t as stressful.
  1. It allows us to get to know our kids’ friends better.  Oddly, considering the space limitations, we are a hang out house for our teenagers’ friends.  I love it! I want to know who my kids friends. I want them to feel at home in our house!

          2. No house payment!  Downsizing allowed us to get rid of a monthly house payment!

The number ONE reason I have loved living tiny is having no house payment has allowed us to TRAVEL.  We get away as often as we can to collect as many memories and experiences as we can!

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