The Fanny Pack is my New Best {Travel} Friend

Last week I traveled to Quito, Ecuador.  It was an experience of a lifetime. I teamed up with Life Giving Water International, together we worked alongside the Ecuadorian people from a remote village to help supply them with a clean water source. More on that later!

Right before I left for the airport my sister suggested I bring along a fanny pack. I’m not privy to such elegant accessories, but my 15 year old had a pineapple one he was willing to share with me. 

Let me just tell you, it was a game changer!  I feel certain I won’t travel out of the country without a fanny pack again.  I know, I sound like a grandma who’s also outfitted with therapeutic shoes and a walker, but I’m sticking with my preferences here! 


It is extremely conveniently located. The front of the lower belly region is easy access for sure.

It makes it harder for the thieves of the world to steal at least not without more of a challenge.

It’s the perfect size to hold what’s most needed without putting a kink in my neck, like a purse and a backpack have the tendency to do. 

In addition, here are the 5 items I kept at my ready with the help of the trusty fanny pack {in my case, aka: belly bulge}:






Hand sanitizer.

Wet wipes {toilet paper is hard to comeby in Ecuador}.


I’m not saying you have to use a fanny pack on your next trip, but I do strongly suggest it!  



Fanny Pack is an excellent traveling tool
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