Simplified Holiday Decor

When we moved into our tiny 900 square foot house 4 years ago I had to do a lot of downsizing to make everything fit comfortably in our cozy little home.  Holiday decor was not exempt from our purging.  I’ve never been a huge themed decorator, but there is one holiday I did go all out for in comparison to other celebrations:  Christmas!   In an effort to still make the house feel very festive, but with limited storage, I got creative.  Here are 5 TIPS FOR MAKING YOUR HOME FEEL CHRISTMAS READY without taking up too much space when it’s stored away for the other 11 months of the year!

1. Use live evergreen branches from the woods.  In our home we don’t have a mantle, so each winter I head out to the backyard and cut off a pine tree limb. I  use it to hang our stockings from.

2. While I’m out amidst the woods I grab a few more green branches, spray paint the leaves gold and stick them in a vase to spread more Christmas cheer about the house. So far zero dollars have been spent and it’s very festive!

3. I seem to always have an extra strand of lights laying around, adding them to my corner of potted plants makes our everyday plants FESTIVE!

4. Have a tapered candle in your junk drawer?  If not, they’ll only set you back about a $1 each.  If you soak then in hot  water for about 10 minutes that will soften then up enough to be able to make little cuts into the sides of the candle, create a  Christmas tree look-alike. 

5. In our kitchen we have a scroll of butcher’s paper.  With a red and green marker put to paper to create some holly,voila,  you’ve created yet another holiday decoration!

BONUS: Take a stroll around your home.  Perhaps you have some items that can be repurposed for the holiday.  I did that with a plaid pillow and blanket I found in my boys’ rooms.  Placing the throw on the chair next to our stockings and suddenly that plaid pillow now looks very merry.

That’s it. Look around your home, or outside in your yard, and gather items that when put together can double as jovial holiday decor.  It’s that simple!  You’ve got this.


Holiday sara Anthony
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