It’s Okay to Not be Normal

I believe it’s safe to say we are an unconventional family. With 4 children, we are larger than your average family.  At 1000 square feet, we live in a home smaller than the average American. When it comes to education: we have home schooled, private educated and utilized public resources. We are self-employed. We are not normal. I’m okay with that. Basically, our approach has always come from a space of…

“What is best for our family in this season?” As opposed to,“What is everyone else doing?”

What we’ve uncovered is best at certain times throughout our family’s existence has often not been what is considered the norm.  When you go against status quo or social norms people have opinions. Some of those people are very good friends of yours. Some of those people are related to you. Some of those people raised you.  I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I figure 9 times out of 10 questions of concern come from a place of love and an attempt to better understand.

Sometimes, as humans we get so use to doing what they’ve always done or what someone has told us is “what you’re supposed to do”,  regardless of whether it’s working for us or not, and we are miserable! Listen up, friend!

It’s okay to NOT be normal.

Go against the grain, not for different’s sake, but for what is best for you, what is best for your family, what is best for your marriage, what is best for your children in this season. Guess what, ‘best” may look different next year. For that, you will receive more questions from the aforementioned people.  

For your own sanity, have a strong “why” for what you’re choosing to do.

The “why” is not to defend yourself, but simply for your own personal reference point should the opinions of others really begin to impede your mind.

The “what is best for us” approach can be applied to many different areas of our life. Take, for instance, the quickly approaching Christmas holiday. You don’t have to go into debt buying gifts you can’t afford just because it’s the season of giving and your kid really wants a Xbox.  You don’t have to travel out of state because your in-laws have placed on you an expectation to see their grandbabies open gifts on Christmas morning. You don’t have to say yes to every holiday party invitation. Shoot, you don’t have to say yes to any holiday parties. The point I’m attempting to make here is, don’t do something just because it’s what everyone around you has deemed normal or what you should do. Normal is boring.  Normal is debilitatingly crippling when you are trying to live your one unique, best life.

I’d love to hear one thing you do as a family that isn’t considered normal, but is working so well for you in this season.


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