Permission to Abort Your New Year’s Resolutions!

We are one week in to the new year. 2019! It’s the time of year where gym memberships increase astronomically, diet plans pinned on Pinterest are attempted and your word for the year has been painstakingly selected. 

I’d like to give you permission to scrape all that. Statistically it will all be scraped in a few weeks anyway. 

I’m not going to let you off the hook all the way though! I do want you to experience the feeling of success. Start small. It’s okay to grow slow. In fact, it’s preferred for maximum success. 

If you could only improve one thing in 2019, what would it be?

Your morning routine? How you respond to your husband? How you treat your kids? 

Take some time to educate yourself in that area. Read a book. Listen to a podcast. Google may even be of assistance. Talk to a trusted friend. Get a plan and write it down. 

Then, from what you’ve learned, apply one thing. The intention is to make it a habit and a mindset shift. 

Morning routine: Start by getting up everyday 15 min earlier than the first person awake in your home. 

Encourage your Husband: Daily look for the good in him and say, text or hand write it to him.

Keep Calm with your Kids: Engage in a few new practices. Meditation may help. You may also want to include taking a moment to calm your mind before reacting to a “typical scenario” from one of your children. Pray over your kids asking God for guidance & patience. 

Of course the above are all just a few examples. You’ll need to choose what’s best for you and what you want to focus on. Statistically if you begin successfully improving one area of your life and seeing that improvement it leads to improvement in other areas. Before you know it you’ll be the best version of yourself and living with purpose and contentment. 

If you’re doing it right, all of this will feel awkward at first. It will be hard and feel forced, even disingenuous at times. That means you’re getting better. Learning is often weird and wobbly. Don’t quit. Change is hard. You can do hard things! 

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