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“Let me get this straight, you use a Bible study curriculum, but you don’t attend a Bible study?” My mom was perplexed when she asked me if I ever incorporated any study material in my morning routine.  It’s funny how we can have a limited framework on how something can be utilized and it isn’t until someone questions it we realize it doesn’t have to be that way. Such was the case with my mother and how she viewed Bible Study curriculum.  She assumed they could only be used in a church group where you gather weekly to watch the correlating videos and discuss the daily lessons from your individual study the week prior.

My schedule has rarely allowed for weekly Bible studies, but it doesn’t mean I have to opt out of learning from the well written curriculum.  The weekly video series can be rented in a bundle or individually.  You can easily watch them in the comfort of your own home, by yourself. And that’s what I have done.  Along the way I’ve picked up a few favorites I want to share with you in case you are interested in a closer look on a topic or book of the Bible.

First allow me to emphasize that if you have a tendency to begin a Bible study, but rarely finish it or while doing a group study you find yourself having to cram 3 lessons in on your drive to class, I’m here to help. I can totally relate.  Speaking from personal experience, the problem is you’re doing an advanced move.  If you really want to become consistent with a daily Bible study you must first get really good at showing up at the same time every day.  I talk in detail about that here.  May I simply recommend starting small.  Get really good at only 10 mins a day.  The 10 minutes includes: prayer, thanksgiving and Bible reading.  That’s it.  You’re training your body to show up at the same time everyday. Essentially you are creating a habit that will stick.  I’ve found Jesus Calling to be an excellent resource for this habit training.  Once you are consistently showing up at the same time each day you’re ready for a more advanced move, a Bible study.

The following are a few favorite Bible Studies of mine.

Made for This by Jennie Allen:  It’s a 40 day study to help you to discover &  live out your God given purpose. The beauty of studying on your own is you can take it at a slower pace if you prefer. Jennie does an excellent job of walking you through practical steps for discovering your strengths and how you can use your talents and skills to bless others. She beautifully incorporates scripture to better understand how God put you on the plant with your contributions in mind.


Entrusted by Beth Moore.  Once you know your giftings Entrusted is a great study to follow up with.  We’ve been entrusted with God given gifts & talents that you’ll discover in Made for More.  Entrusted gives you the why and the confidence to share the gospel using your unique talents.


Armor Of God by Priscilla Shirer.  I’m not quite done with this one, but it’s too good not to include. I’m learning so much about the armor of God mentioned in Ephesians 6:10-19.  I feel more aware of why we need a “shield of faith” and “belt of truth”.  I also highly appreciate how Priscilla begins most lessons with an application from her own life.  She’s an excellent teacher.  


That should keep you busy for a while.  If you have any further questions or recommendations for studies you think I’d like, let me know.

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