Meditation Made Simple

morning meditation

I’ve implemented meditation into my daily morning routine.  Being able to calm my mind and bring peace and quiet to my ever overactive thoughts felt like a skill I should improve upon. And so I am. I am not claiming to be an expert. I’m simply sharing what I do and how it has benefitted me.

There’s a scene in the movie Eat Love Pray where Julia Robert’s character is learning the practice of meditation and she falls asleep. Later she attempts it again and can’t believe it when only a minute has passed. I can totally relate to all of this! Learning to quiet your mind can be grueling. It is work.  

I’m still very much a newbie, but here are 6 tips that have helped me along the way in my pursuit of, what I consider to be, successful meditation.


    1. Choose the same place and time: I meditate each morning after being rested {to avoid sleeping through the whole process}. I do it as part of my morning routine, post coffee. During this time, I’m alone and my home is quiet.
    2. Take a deep cleansing breath. It truly helps to positively trigger your mind that meditation is about to begin.
    3. Start Small. I meditate for only 5 minutes.  I set a timer on my Calm app. 
    4. Visualize a place that makes you happy: There is a place in the British Virgin Islands that is so beautiful.  I envision myself there, floating in the water.
    5. Feel Free to Include God: Some people get weirded out by meditation.  As a person of faith, the Bible clearly references meditation as a holy practice {Psalm 19:14, Psm 119:15}. As I’m floating in the water, I envision God floating next to me holding my hand. All these elements represent a calming peace to me. That’s what I’m after with this process.
    6. Finally, I repeat a word in my head that reflects the quality I want to instill into my body, mind and spirit.  Most often I choose the word peace to repeat as I “float’. Sometimes I do not feel peaceful.  In those instances, I envision God softly whispering “peace” to me over and over. The thought of Him being there for me is so helpful.



I perceive at the quick 5 minute morning meditation as a practice session.  It’s trial run for times I may need to meditate throughout the day when life is a bit faster and chaotic. In addition, I’ve found it very helpful to meditate  as I lay in bed. At that time, it’s perfectly fine to fall asleep mid-meditation.

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