Let’s Dare to Dream

Let's Dare to Dream

There is a part of me that really enjoys predictability. Simplicity. Consistency. Control. There’s this another part of me that craves adventure. Spontaneity. Uncertainty. However the predictable side largely outweighs the adventure side. Like, by a landslide.  I”m married to Drew, an adventure seeker.  Not the kind that jumps out of planes or descends cliffs.  He’s riskiness takes the form of purchasing homes with holes in the roof large enough for a vulture to swoop in and make a nest in the bathroom shower.  That was the case of the abandoned house we restored and currently call home. He also discovers new passions, like sailing, and in no time gets his captain’s license and helps run a nonprofit for sailing adventures. 

I’ve learned a lot from Drew.  When we decided to learn to sail I watched him check the many classes off the list necessary to label him a captain.  I took note as he didn’t talk about doing it.  He just did it.  He’s literally a dreamer AND a doer.  

I feel like I’m more calculated with my attempts to accomplish dreams.  I like to think long and hard.  Then I prefer to do just enough research to become overwhelmed and follow that up by calculating all the ways my idea will fail.  I often talk myself out of a potential ambition before it’s even left my head. Another favorite, I throw in the towel when the first obstacle presents itself.

As I’ve paid attention to my tendencies, I’ve begun to push past the feelings of wanting to quit when it gets hard or scary or overwhelming.  I still don’t have much to show for my efforts, but that brings me to another thing I’ve learned.  Nothing is wasted.  Not the mistakes.  Not the progress. So much can be accomplished through the learning process.  It’s rarely fast.  It’s always hard.  And always worth the effort. 

Part of my learning process is to absorb information through Audible.  There are 4 books I’d recommend when it comes to carving out your personal dreams.

DREAM BIG: Author Bob Goff gives practical dreaming tips sprinkled with very adventurous stories from his own life.  If i’m not careful I can begin to want to be Bob the way he talks about his grandiose ambitions and carefree outlook on life. This book quickly made its way to the top of my must read.

BIG MAGIC: I’m seeing a theme here when it comes to dreams, it’s a BIG deal.  Elizabeth Gilbert walks you through her discoveries when it comes to seeking big ambitions.  I talk more about it here.

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE: This book is an Audible exclusive by Mel Robbins.  She interviews 4 people about their personal obstacles when it comes to what holds them back in life.  In her life-coaching style she tackles real time questions people have as they work to improve themselves.

MADE FOR THIS: This book is more of a daily application style book.  It’s the only one I didn’t listen to.  I read it as a part of my daily morning routine.  It walks you through discovering your strengths and weaknesses by looking at your life from childhood all the way to where you currently stand. Author Jennie Allen has a way of weaving truths found in the Bible to help you discover what you were put on earth to accomplish.  

BONUS: This is a YouTube sermon I first found about 5 years ago that totally changed my perspective.  It’s titled RESOLUTION by Andy Stanley.  In his ever so talented way, he helps you uncover how to discover your passions and practical next steps to take action.

Let’s keep dreaming and then not hesitate to put action to those ambitions.  I promise I will.  Join me?  If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of all this may, I recommend clicking on the box below this post.  It gives you step by step instructions on how to set up some accountability in your life so that 5 years from now you’re not sitting on the same dream with nothing to show for it.

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