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Bible Recap

We are closing out yet another tough year.  We kept some of the terms that were new in 2020 and added a few more. Words like pandemic, Covid, vaccinated, and quarantine have become common talking points. You may also be dealing with the effects that such terms induce: loss, illness and isolation. It’s a lot.  I feel it too.

I vote that it’s time for a fresh outlook.  I’ve found such comfort in my relationship with Jesus. One of the best ways I’ve discovered to know him more is through reading the Bible.  I’m committing to reading through the Bible in 2022.  I want you to join me!

There are several reasons to make such a commitment. Here are a few that motivate me:

  1. Developing the discipline it takes to follow through on such a task is a skill I want to better develop.
  2. Reading through the whole Bible allows for the Holy Spirit to bring to mind words you’ve read when you need them most.
  3. Reading from start to finish through the book God gave us as a guide for how to live seems like a great way to get to know Him better.

I’ve been “kicking the tires” of a reading plan and I’ve found one I really enjoy. It’s the The Bible Recap.  In the Bible app you can access the daily reading.  It will even read it for you if you prefer. The Bible Recap also has a 10 minute daily podcast that helps to understand and breakdown the reading.  That is the secret sauce to this plan.  It’s worth the extra minutes it takes to listen.

 I’d love for you to join me.  There are several options based on time commitment to choose from:

  1. Listen to the Bible App chapters assigned for each day. If you join the recap “plan” {by searching The Bible Recap} it will automatically set you up with what to read each day. You can even opt to have reminders sent to you so you don’t forget.  This is especially helpful as you establish this habit. When you’re done reading {or listening} to the Bible portion, listen to the corresponding Bible Recap Podcast. APPROX: 15- 20 minute commitment.
  2. Option one, but add in the study guide.  It can be purchased here.  It gives you 4-6 questions from the day’s reading.  This is helpful to stay on track while listening and to really solidify what you learn.
  3. Option one and/or two plus join a group of women who have also committed to this process for check ins and accountability.

I’m a huge proponent of establishing a morning routine that includes beginning your day with Jesus.  It’s just changed my life SO MUCH it would be odd for me not to mention it.  However, doing this reading/listening in the morning isn’t a requirement, a great option, but not a requirement. You can listen on your way to work, school or while you workout. You can listen before bed or when you shower. Basically, whenever it works for you.  However I do highly recommend you set a time and stick with that time.  We are creatures of habit and doing it at the same time everyday will help solidify that habit more quickly.  Sure there will be times when the unexpected happens and you can’t listen when you predetermined to do it, but allow that to be the exception not the rule. 

I hope you’ll say yes to this request.  It will change your life.  God is just so irresistible.  We can live off one encounter with him, but he sure wants to bless us with way more than one!  Just wait and see. He promises {Matthew 7:7}, when you seek him you will find him!  Let’s get to seeking.

WARNING: This is a powerful tool.  Creating a habit that unlocks knowledge and a better understanding of God is the last thing Satan wants.  Be aware that you may encounter distraction, obstacles and frustration that can be discouraging.  Take heart.  Don’t give up. We are on the winning side. Jesus encourages us to “have peace” because “in this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world.” {John 16:33}

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