Establish a 10 Minute Morning Routine

bible morning routine

Word has it you’d like to begin your day with a daily habit of gratitude, prayer, & Bible reading.  Me too.  The problem is this take discipline.  Creating a discipline isn’t always easy.  I’ve mapped out simple steps to make it a habit you can stick to.  I’ve tested it.  I’ve taught it.  It works!

How to Establish a Morning Routine Habit:

Commit to 30 days and don’t quit on yourself: If you miss a day, begin again.  As in, begin back at day 1. That will help keep you from skipping, I promise! If you think you may need some more assistance, contact a friend and ask her to check in on your progress.  Better yet, start an accountability group. If you’re not sure what that is, see the link at the bottom of this post.  It will map it out for you.

Start Small: Begin with 10 mins, first thing in the morning. 5 days a week, Monday thru Friday. Get really good at 10 minutes. This is the most important part. I can’t encourage this enough. GET REALLY GOOD AT 10 MINUTES. Yes, I was saying that loudly for emphasis. Even screaming, perhaps. Then add Saturday and Sunday and then add more minutes. Don’t add on too soon. I repeat, GET EXTREMELY GOOD AT 10 MINUTES!

Here’s the cool thing: Jesus is irresistible.  If you continue to spend time with Him each morning you will discover, 10 minutes isn’t enough time. However, don’t be discouraged if it takes awhile to get to the “enjoy” part. You are learning a new habit.  Learning something new is always uncomfortable. Recognize it.  Accept it and then, KEEP GOING!

Same Time: Get your body use to doing this each morning at the same time! We are creatures of habit.  Your body will become accustomed to waking up 10 minutes earlier. There will come a day when you won’t need an alarm. Literally roll out of bed and onto the floor if that’s what it takes to wake you up.  The “get up” is the hardest part. Good thing you can do hard things, friend.

Same Place: Find a place you will do your morning routine and do it there every time.

How to Break Down your 10 minute Morning Routine Devotions:

3 deep breaths in a comfortable position, but not so comfortable that you fall back to sleep. For beginners I recommend a location other than your bed. No seriously, don’t attempt this in bed.

LEAVE YOUR PHONE ON THE CHARGER. It doesn’t get to come with you. You are giving your first fruits of your day to Jesus!

GIVE THANKS: Pull out your journal. Write out 5 things you are thankful for. Present them as an offering of thanks to God for providing them.

PRAY: At the beginning of your 30 days {or once it’s a habit, at the beginning of each month}, write out the names or topics you are praying for in your journal. Include specific things you will pray about.  This will help keep you in focused prayer and you’ll be able to easily track when God answers a prayer!

READ THE BIBLE: The options are endless here.  It can be a verse, a chapter, a devotional like Jesus Calling. Remember, we are establishing a habit so don’t make it too involved at this point. There will be plenty of room for “advanced moves” once you get really good at the 10 minute habit.

THAT’S IT.  Take on your morning!!

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