Eco-Friendly Holiday Wrapping with Ellexa

Since I was little I have always begged my mom to let me help her wrap gifts. With the holiday season in full swing, it’s still something I look forward to. I love the special meaning gift wrapping adds to a present.Some of my favorite things to wrap with that I already have around the house:

  • Twine
  • Greenery from the backyard
  • Washi Tape
  • Old greeting cards
  • Old pictures (great for a gift tag)
  • Old ornaments
  • Pinecones  

Using things that I already have to wrap a gift is a challenge I am always up for, and is a fun way for me to get creative. Things like greenery, old greeting cards, pictures, ornaments, and pine cones are fun ways you can dress up the top of the gift. Newspaper, washi tape, and twine are things you can use to actually wrap the gift.

A special touch – Growing up we received one gift from our parents, and it was always special and meaningful. When we each got to open our gift, something we would always look forward to was an ornament tied atop the gift. Each year our parents would pick out an ornament that they felt was something that represented that year for us personally, whether it be an accomplishment, a hobby, or something else. The idea was that when we would eventually move out of the house we would have a small collection of ornaments that reminded us of home to decorate our new house with.

No matter where or how you spend your Christmas this season, we hope that these small things inspire you and provide a sweet way to help you celebrate the birth of Jesus.  May they even help you create new traditions for you and your family.

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