Easy Ways to Feel Productive

Mexico Beach house bed

5 Easy Steps to help you feel productive during quarantine:

Are your drowning in overwhelm during this Shelter in Place? Being at home with your kids full time, being chef, teacher, employee, mom, friend, & maid is a recipe for drowning in overwhelm. Here are 5 easy things your can do right now for an instant pick me up!

  1. Make your Bed: Even if the rest of your room is in chaos, because your bed takes up so much space in your room, it will help you feel like it has some semblance of organization.
  2. Clear everything off the front of your refrigerator:  Remove all of the mail, artwork, reminders, magnets: everything from the front of your fridge.  The same concept is at play here. It’s such a large appliance and clearing it off will give the illusion that your kitchen isn’t as messy as it truly is.
  3. Wash your hair.  Turn on the visual babysitter, Disney Plus. Walk in the bathroom. Lock the door.  Step into the shower.  Just feeling the hot water is gong to lift your spirits.  Once you begin adding soap to your hair the smell is bound to invigorate you.  You don’t even have to finish the typical routine of blow drying, curling, styling and putting on makeup.  Just a shower and clean hair is enough.  
  4. Change your outfit.  If you’re on day 3 of the same pajamas and your pjs have morphed into daily measure wear, it’s time to reset.  If you pick something with a little style you get bonus points.  
  5. Move your Body.  Walk outside.  Now to the end of your driveway.  Keep going. The movement will release endorphins that will lift your mood.

That’s it.  It’s that easy!

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