Tiny Living When Your Family is Not so Tiny

Back when “Tiny Living” was just a show on TV our family of 6 would gather on the couch and be glued to the weekly installments.  We’d talk about how living in such a small space would make us crazy and how unrealistic the floor plans were. At some point amidst the tiny house binge watching, our conversation shifted.  We began to discuss what it would look like if we moved to a smaller home. Did we really need all 2100 square feet we were currently living in? If we had a smaller home, would it open up bigger opportunities?

We’d bought when the market was hot.  We paid top dollar for the house we were living in.  We’d even taken out a loan against our home for investment property.  It looked like we’d be living in that house until retirement. In addition, our county doesn’t even allow for homes under 1600 feet to be built.  There were so many obstacles making this idea seem impossible. Let’s not forget the size of our family. None of the episodes followed a family of 6 around their tiny built.

However, I did something I rarely ever allowed myself to do, for fear of disappointment. I began to dream.  Then I did something I NEVER allowed myself to do. I began putting actions in place to FULFILL said dream. Crazy, I know.  For this non-dreamer, it really did feel extremely insane.

It all began innocently enough.  I started with my pantry. I hated cooking anyway.  It was an easy place to begin. I purged like I was moving into a tiny house the next day. I was ruthless and whittled my bag of beans, outdated cans of peaches and 16 bags of half eaten chips down to nothing. Then I moved to the next closet and the next. When I was done with all the spaces in my home, I started over again.  Each space, along with the time in between, taught me a thing or two about what we really needed, what we wanted and what was just downright excessive. We didn’t move for 3 years from the time the dreaming and purging commenced, but we did move. It happened. I can’t wait to tell you all the things I learned along the way.

For now, you must know we found a little house.  It’s not tiny. There are just too many Anthonys to fit in what constitutes “tiny”, but it is small. It’s nestled in the woods of Georgia. It all started with a girl that dared to dream a dream of “what if” and then took a step of faith to make it happen.

Do you have a dream? I’d love to hear about it. What baby step can you take today toward that dream?

Wait, you don’t allow yourself to dream?  I hear ya, sister! Here’s a nugget I uncovered: debunk the fear that dreaming will produce unnecessary disappointment.  The truth is it’s disappointing NOT to dream. You don’t have to lock yourself into a specific dream. Just begin! That’s the beauty of dreams, they eb and flow like clouds until one day you uncover a rainbow!

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