DIY Headboard with Found Scraps

diy headboard

While being Corona-Quarantined at home my husband, Drew, and I found ourselves cleaning out the garage. That led to finding some leftover wood; that led to starting a DIY that I’d wanted to do for some time, but could never find a free Saturday. It was the proverbial “If you give a mouse a cookie”.  Finding ourselves with the equivalent of a month of Saturdays, we got to work.

love create celebrate

My hope was to create a headboard using the inspiration from Lindi at Love Create Celebrate. She created a feature wall  found here that I instantly fell in love with! I’d still love to have a wall like this.  For now, I’m pairing it down to a manageable project with our scraps on hand: a headboard.

cut down planks

We had some tongue and groove wood planks a friend had given us from one of her leftover projects.  We milled them down with a table saw to make them 1.5 inch width strips of wood. We determined the width based off of what we had on hand; we could get 3 pieces from one plank.  In addition we took into consideration the inspiration picture and the size of wood pieces they used.

headboard layout

Once we had all of our scraps milled to the size we needed, we laid out a few mock layouts until we found one we both liked. This took a little imagination and tweaking.  It helped to snap a photo of each layout to compare side by side.

skill saw cuts

When we landed on a design we liked we got to work using a Jigsaw and our nail gun to solidify placement.  We found it easiest to lay each piece where we wanted it {using a level and 90 degree ruler, AKA Carpenter Square} and penciling the cut.  Then we used a Jigsaw to make the angled cuts.

nail gun

After each piece was nailed into place we used plastic wood to fill in the holes. Once that was dry we lightly sanded the surface.  It was then ready to be painted. We had leftover paint, Benjamin Moore Decorator White, but first we sprayed a coat of Kilz white paint to keep any of the wood tones from leaking through.  It was followed by 2 coats of Decorator White. Between coats we gave it a light sanding. The painting brought out a few areas that needed it.

painted white

The headboard was dry and ready to be hung.  We placed the largest screws closer to the bottom into studs.  That way they wouldn’t be visible, but also would make the headboard very sturdy. We used a finish nail for the top anchoring.  Filled in the holes and did some touch up painting. Voila, IT”S COMPLETE! A cool, modern headboard made for zero dollars.

Modern Headboard
Modern Headboard
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