Beach Vacation Must Haves

Beach Vacation

As soon as school lets out, we’ve made it a tradition to head to the beach. This year was no exception.  I picked up a few items that make me think, how did I ever do the beach without these products?! I’m going to share them with you so you  too can enjoy your beach experience.

    1. Microfiber Beach Towel: Not all microfiber towels are created equal.  These ones are awesome because of how soft they feel.  In addition they are quite absorbent.  That can not be said for other quick dry towels I’ve tried.  I ordered the large.  It’s the perfect size for laying on and drying off.  It comes with a bag to store it.  The towel rolls back into it with ease {another thing I can’t say about others I’ve tried}. It also has a hoop to hang it from so that it dries quickly, and, boy, does it dry fast!
Beach Tent

2. Pop Up Beach Tent: I’ve been accustomed to carrying the very heavy EZ-Up tents to the beach.  They are heavy!  They take multiple people to put together.  Did I mention they are heavy?! This pop up beach tent is simple to assemble. It can be done easily by one person.  It has great coverage.  It fits with excess room into the back it’s stored in.  In fact, we added a few of our microfiber towels into the tent bag along with our sunscreen.  There was room to spare. I’d consider buying another one since it was so lightweight and simple to get to the beach and set up.

3. Native Citrus Blossom Deodorant It’s important not to stink while on the beach.  This celan deodorant smells like summer to me.  It has a very beachy vibe to it.  I wish I would have remembered to pick up the Native sunscreen as well. I haven’t tried it before, but I’m so pleased with the deodorant I’d love to give their sunscreen a try.

4. Beach Floating Saddle: I feel like this floating device is most conducive for floating and talking with friends.  However, if you’d like more of your body exposed to the rays, I recommend the next float.

5. Beach Floating Seat: This float is easier to relax on, and still get a nice tan, if that’s what you’re after. 

Pick up one or all of these items and it’s sure to help you enjoy your beach vacation all the more.  I know it helped me to relax and have a blast while it dug my toes into the sand. 

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