An Open Letter to my Son on His Wedding Day

Dear Jalen,

I find myself reflecting a lot these days, marrying off your first boy will do that to a mom. It’s just so hard to believe my son is becoming a husband. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago that you were testing the limits of crib boundaries & seeing how many times you could get out of your time-out chair before we had to hit refresh on our parenting tactics. Your determination, as evidenced by a baby safety-gate climber, looks much more attractive as an adult. You go after your goals, scaling challenges with the same determination you had as a child. I’m so proud of you! Way to apply it in such a great way.

When it came to falling in love, you nailed it there too. You found the most amazing girl in Brianna. You’ve always been a deep thinker, who doesn’t waste time with frivolous excess words. I remember early on encouraging you to communicate how you were feeling to Bri. I’d share my thoughts and wait for your feedback. Crickets. I had no idea if any of my parenting advice landed.  However, I’d like to think you took some of my tips to heart because she stuck with you in high school, through college and then said yes to your invitation to spending the rest of her life with you. As the mom in this equation,  I feel like I got the lucky end of the deal! I have an amazing son & now I’m blessed with an awesome daughter-in-law too.

You’ve always been my sweet Jalen. Tenderhearted and resolute. Funny, oh so funny, and thoughtful. I have loved seeing you apply those amazing characteristics toward your relationship with Bri.

More recently, your dad and I have had the absolute pleasure of sharing the dinner table with you and Brianna on so many weeknights. Often it would turn into a double date since Ava was at soccer practice and Jaxton was working late. Oh, what an unexpected gift that has been. I’ll admit, I’m looking forward to a dinner invite around your table (or coffee table, considering your cozy apartment). I keep hearing about your cooking skills.

If I could leave you with one last bit of advice before I send you off into married life, this is what I’d say: Put God first. I know it sounds like a Christian school yearbook tagline, “All the best, dude, keep God first”. But, it’s true. With 27 years of marriage experience, the thing that’s grounded me the most is being secure in my relationship with Jesus. It helps not put unnecessary strain on your spouse. It helps with perspective too. And while I’m at it, I’ll throw in one more thought. Communicate often. Don’t assume Bri knows what you’re thinking. Share your feelings even when it feels awkward or uncomfortable. Oh, and, invest in your relationship. Go on regular dates, seek Godly counsel (therapy), and attend annual marriage retreats. Okay, okay. I’ll stop. I’m starting to see why you were quiet when I’d give you advice. You likely couldn’t get a word in.

I just love you so much. I’m excited for you to be in the marriage club. Let’s dance on August 28, 2022 until they shut the lights off on us!


Photo: Madison Ashley Photography

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I’ve Got to Get Better at This

This summer has reminded me, yet again, why setting goals and having accountability is so effective! You may be desiring to become more consistent in a new skill, finally drinking the 8 glasses of water a day or showing up consistently to the gym. Whatever the case may be, there are some tried and true ways to turn those goals into consistent habits!

I’ve had a desire for awhile to become a stronger communicator through the written word. In 2020, I set a goal to write blog posts 2 times a month. Then I told a group of friends about my goal and set out to accomplish it. I few things were put in motion in my efforts to become a better writer. ONE, I made the goal SPECIFIC & MEASURABLE. Then TWO, I implemented accountability.  I’m too easy on myself. I need people around me that will ask, “Did you do what you set out to do?” With those two simple implementations I did it. For months and months I wrote blog posts regularly. However, you may have noticed my last blog post was in 2021 and we are over half way through 2022.
So what happened? It’s as simple as I removed my accountability before it was a solid habit. If you’re anything like me a habit takes longer than the projected 30-60 days. Call me a slow learner or lazy, it’s just takes me longer than what the research says.

I really can’t recommend a goal group enough. If you follow me on Instagram or read to the bottom of any of my blog posts, you know I’m a fan of goal setting and accountability. Allow this to be your encouragement as we head into routine that comes with the start of school. Grab a few friends & start a goal group.

Click on the link at the bottom of this post. It will walk you through step by step on how to begin a goal group. There is really no better time to start. And a more disciplined you is just 30-60 days away. Unless you’re like me, then factor in a few more months to establishing that habit!

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    Let’s Commit

    Bible Recap

    We are closing out yet another tough year.  We kept some of the terms that were new in 2020 and added a few more. Words like pandemic, Covid, vaccinated, and quarantine have become common talking points. You may also be dealing with the effects that such terms induce: loss, illness and isolation. It’s a lot.  I feel it too.

    I vote that it’s time for a fresh outlook.  I’ve found such comfort in my relationship with Jesus. One of the best ways I’ve discovered to know him more is through reading the Bible.  I’m committing to reading through the Bible in 2022.  I want you to join me!

    There are several reasons to make such a commitment. Here are a few that motivate me:

    1. Developing the discipline it takes to follow through on such a task is a skill I want to better develop.
    2. Reading through the whole Bible allows for the Holy Spirit to bring to mind words you’ve read when you need them most.
    3. Reading from start to finish through the book God gave us as a guide for how to live seems like a great way to get to know Him better.

    I’ve been “kicking the tires” of a reading plan and I’ve found one I really enjoy. It’s the The Bible Recap.  In the Bible app you can access the daily reading.  It will even read it for you if you prefer. The Bible Recap also has a 10 minute daily podcast that helps to understand and breakdown the reading.  That is the secret sauce to this plan.  It’s worth the extra minutes it takes to listen.

     I’d love for you to join me.  There are several options based on time commitment to choose from:

    1. Listen to the Bible App chapters assigned for each day. If you join the recap “plan” {by searching The Bible Recap} it will automatically set you up with what to read each day. You can even opt to have reminders sent to you so you don’t forget.  This is especially helpful as you establish this habit. When you’re done reading {or listening} to the Bible portion, listen to the corresponding Bible Recap Podcast. APPROX: 15- 20 minute commitment.
    2. Option one, but add in the study guide.  It can be purchased here.  It gives you 4-6 questions from the day’s reading.  This is helpful to stay on track while listening and to really solidify what you learn.
    3. Option one and/or two plus join a group of women who have also committed to this process for check ins and accountability.

    I’m a huge proponent of establishing a morning routine that includes beginning your day with Jesus.  It’s just changed my life SO MUCH it would be odd for me not to mention it.  However, doing this reading/listening in the morning isn’t a requirement, a great option, but not a requirement. You can listen on your way to work, school or while you workout. You can listen before bed or when you shower. Basically, whenever it works for you.  However I do highly recommend you set a time and stick with that time.  We are creatures of habit and doing it at the same time everyday will help solidify that habit more quickly.  Sure there will be times when the unexpected happens and you can’t listen when you predetermined to do it, but allow that to be the exception not the rule. 

    I hope you’ll say yes to this request.  It will change your life.  God is just so irresistible.  We can live off one encounter with him, but he sure wants to bless us with way more than one!  Just wait and see. He promises {Matthew 7:7}, when you seek him you will find him!  Let’s get to seeking.

    WARNING: This is a powerful tool.  Creating a habit that unlocks knowledge and a better understanding of God is the last thing Satan wants.  Be aware that you may encounter distraction, obstacles and frustration that can be discouraging.  Take heart.  Don’t give up. We are on the winning side. Jesus encourages us to “have peace” because “in this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world.” {John 16:33}

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    No Regrets… Kind of

    No regrets

    I’ve heard it said, “live with no regrets.”  I’m here to challenge that philosophy of living. First of all let me say I get that it comes from a mindset of living life to it’s fullest. However, if I’m truly going to jump in head first toward my dreams and aspirations with determination and gusto I’m not always going to get it right. I will mess up. Messing up by its very definition is getting it wrong. Making mistakes. And mistakes can lead to regret.

    When I think of my greatest regret it stems from my greatest discovery. It comes from the discipline that improved my life the most. I highly regret that I didn’t have enough discipline in my younger years of life to have a consistent, daily time with Jesus. I regret I couldn’t carve out enough time each day to thank God, to read his word & pray to him for more than just my emergencies. However, that regret caused me to tell others. It motivates me to spread the word about how important it is to spend time daily with Jesus. That time with Jesus is literally the number one thing that has singlehandedly revolutionized my life. Given me confidence. Security. Wisdom. Hope. And a plethora of other qualities. And best of all, I feel really close to God.

    Now that I have created the daily habit of spending time with Jesus I regret I didn’t start it sooner. However, I taken that regret, flipped it around and turned it for good. I talk to my kids, actually, I’ll talk to anyone who will listen about how impactful a daily talk with Jesus & some time in his word will change you for the better.

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      Remembering Dad

      Dad and Aaron

      Today marks the one year anniversary we said goodbye to my dad on this side of eternity. We have the comfort and assurance Dad is in heaven. Amidst his earthy absence, sometimes it feels like he’s peeking from between the clouds as his family, earthside, receives little reminders of him. We’ve affectionately referred to those instances as “God winks”.

      A God wink, as we’ve come to appreciate them, is when something happens that’s too coincidental not to acknowledge that God is at work in the situation.  That’s exactly where our family found ourselves last weekend during a Michigan State football game. 

      In order to fully appreciate this story, we’ll need to back up to just a few days before Dad’s  passing. We were gathered as a family into the living room we grew up in. Circled around Dad, we asked him questions interview style.  At that moment, we didn’t know it would be the last time we’d hear him string words together in story form.  He answered one of the questions that so often since that time has given us hope, encouragement and determination.

      I asked him: What’s a piece of wisdom you’d like to leave with your grandchildren?

      Dad explained that eternity is a long time and so he wanted us to “Be There”. That phrase was taken from a sermon James Dobson preached many years ago.  Those two words and all its context stuck with my dad and he wanted to pass it on.  In long form, “Be There” means that you’ve accepted Jesus into your heart and you’ll be in heaven when your time on earth is complete. 

       Accepting Jesus as his personal savior revolutionized Dad’s life for the better. He wanted not only him, but also his kids and grandkids to know the saving grace of Jesus in the same way he did. And so he left us with these words: Be There.

      I’d like to take a little liberty with my dad’s slogan because he was the kind of Dad that allowed me to easily accept the love of my heavenly father.  My dad was around a lot. He showed up at my games, and I was a cheerleader, so that’s saying something.  He hugged me often.  He encouraged me relentlessly.  He saw the best in me when I couldn’t see it in myself. Dad was there for me.  And that’s why I miss him so much.  He was one of the good ones.

      Dad didn’t play favorites.  He loved all of his kids well. I do think he showed some favoritism when it came to sports though.  Football was on top. He loved to attend football games, even ones with no kid or grandkid playing in it. It had become a tradition once my brother, Aaron, graduated from Michigan State University to attend a game together each year. Rain, shine or sleet they cheered on the Spartans in full green and white attire.

      Be There

      This year’s MSU football game my dad wasn’t in attendance. My brother kept the MSU game tradition alive though.  Aaron’s wife and kids donned their MSU sweatshirt hand-me-downs from Dad.  It wasn’t the same without Dad there, but his presence was felt especially when a random ad popped up on the jumbotron in the middle of the game with the words: BE THERE.  In that moment it felt like Dad was watching the game from the best seats in the house, heaven. If that seems like too much of a stretch to say that my dad and God were watching MSU football this past Sunday, can we at least agree that God knew we needed a bit of comfort as we approached the one year mark of Dad’s passing? With that God winked and a billboard displayed the very words we’ve come to know and love as our sentiment to describe our dad: BE THERE.


      Be There close up
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        How to Break a Bad Habit

        Sara drinking water

        If you’re like me, you’ve read a lot about how to create a good habit.  But what if you need to break a bad habit.  How do we successfully do that?  I’m on year 8 of not drinking soda.  I had a bad habit of daily drinking Diet Coke.  Some days it’s all I would consume for liquidation. It started to affect my skin. I had adult acne worse than I had it as a teenager. So I quit. It wasn’t easy.  But I did it. The following are things that helped me break the habit.  Drinking soda may seem trivial compared to a habit you may want to quit.  The same principles apply to all bad habits: cigarettes, porn, alcohol or any other addiction you want to get rid of in your life.  Here are 5 things you can implement to be free of the bad habit.

        Hate the Thing you want to QuitPray that God would give a sincere hate for whatever bad habit you want to quit. When you find yourself thinking about the habit with “desire” stop your brain pattern in its track. You can even say out loud, “No, I hate ________. It’s bad for me. It hinders me as I work toward a higher standard.” You could even go as far as placing a rubber and on your wrist & snapping it to “sting” your brain onto a new track.

        In reference to a “new track” I’m referring to our neural pathways. Think of your brain like a hiking trail. Woods are naturally quite dense with trees, brush, vines & bushes. However, the trail, due to frequent passage by travelers, wears a visible smooth path. Hikers naturally stay on the trail due to its ease. The same is true of our brains. If something is repeated often in the mind our brain hops on the “hiking path” and smoothly travels on it over and over with little to no resistance. It’s been there  and done it before. It knows this path well. It likes it. It’s easy.  It’s relaxing. The rubber band snap and/or a vocal “no” throws your brain off it’s pattern.

        The work comes in as you begin to pave a new path. It’s very possible, but it’s not easy. As humans, we are drawn to the path of least resistance. Deciding to get off that track and create a new one feels uncomfortable. I remember learning to run long distances. I started at 1 mile and worked up to 16. Any time I added mileage my body would fight me, my brain would resist. I had a phrase I would use as I trekked longer runs, “Settle into the uncomfortable, Sara. It won’t always be this hard.” The same is true of ditching a bad habit. The start is the hardest. Your body will fight you. Your brain will try to reroute you back to what it’s use to; the path it prefers. Don’t fall for it. With each successful decision you build momentum and momentum clears the way for a new healthy route!

        Shine a Light on Your Bad Habit: Light, by nature, helps to make more visible what is unseen in the darkness. Satan, by his nature, likes to keep God’s human creations in darkness. He uses his favorite tactics: guilt, shame and secrecy. He knows the power of the light, so if he can keep you and your bad habit “hidden” he’s happy. I’m talking in code a bit here. But what I trying to say is that stating out loud what you’re struggling with to a trusted friend, mentor or counselor immediately defuses the bad habit. It essentially shines a light on the bad habit. Telling a friend eliminates the bad habit’s strongest forces: shame and secrecy. James 5:16 says to confess to each other so that you can be healed. And added but necessary component is accountability. Checking in weekly, or maybe I’m even daily for awhile, with someone you trust is an added layer of “shining the light”. It’s keeping the light on the issue until it’s no longer an issue.

        Memorize Scripture: This aid in combating bad habits packs a punch. The Bible is the inspired word of God. In other words, it’s powerful. Having a short Bible verse on hand to quote when you are tempted is like a warrior with a sword. The Bible actually talks about the warriors “armor of God” (Ephesians 6:11-17).  All of the elements of God’s armor he offers us are defensive accept for one item, “the sword of the spirit”, which is the word of God. Swords are used for fighting back. Fight with the memorized word of God. Here are a few I love:

        Romans 12:2a “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.”

        Ephesians 4:27 “Give no opportunity to the devil.”

        I Corinthians 6:19 “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own.”

        I Corinthians 6:18a “Flee from sexual immorality.”

        Proverbs 4:23 “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.”

        Renew & Replace: The Bible, in Romans 12:2, says to “not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. Renewing your mind is another way of saying “pave a new mental pathway”. Another way to do that is to replace the bad habit with a good one. When I gave up drinking Diet Coke my mind and tastebuds were not happy. I couldn’t even imagine enjoying pizza or popcorn without the bubbly, sweet goodness of a Diet Coke.

        I replaced Diet Coke with water ad sparkling water. Those first few days were the worst! Soda water doesn’t hold a candle to Diet Coke. Guess what, 8 years later Diet Coke sounds so gross. I don’t crave it at all.

        Plan Ahead: What are the triggers for your bad habit? When are you the most tempted? Once you know the answers to those questions you can make a plan to avoid those scenarios. If the settings are unavoidable then make a plan to do an alternate positive behavior (determined from the list above) instead when you are in a habit habit provoking setting.

        Perhaps you want to quit biting your nails. Every time you sit down to study for college midterms the stress triggers your nail biting. You can’t not study. However, you can replace the behavior with a new one, like squishing a stress ball with your hands. There are instances where the location of your habit may need to be avoided all together. Perhaps you want to quit drinking alcohol. Hanging out at a bar on Friday night would be a poor choice.

        Celebrate: If you’ve implemented all these behaviors and you’ve seen success for any amount of time, celebrate! Implement a reward system. Please note: the reward should not include the behavior you are trying to break. If you’ve gone 10 days without eating sugar and it’s the longest you’ve ever gone, celebrate with a friend by meeting up for a coffee date or a stroll through Target. You know what would be a healthy fun reward for yourself. Do that!

        As you continue to have success, momentum builds.  Momentum breeds growth.  Growth gives you confidence to keep going, to be successful and to be free of the bad habit.  Before long your bad habit will be a thing of the past.  Use your freedom skills to help others break free too!

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          Beach Vacation Must Haves

          Beach Vacation

          As soon as school lets out, we’ve made it a tradition to head to the beach. This year was no exception.  I picked up a few items that make me think, how did I ever do the beach without these products?! I’m going to share them with you so you  too can enjoy your beach experience.

            1. Microfiber Beach Towel: Not all microfiber towels are created equal.  These ones are awesome because of how soft they feel.  In addition they are quite absorbent.  That can not be said for other quick dry towels I’ve tried.  I ordered the large.  It’s the perfect size for laying on and drying off.  It comes with a bag to store it.  The towel rolls back into it with ease {another thing I can’t say about others I’ve tried}. It also has a hoop to hang it from so that it dries quickly, and, boy, does it dry fast!
          Beach Tent

          2. Pop Up Beach Tent: I’ve been accustomed to carrying the very heavy EZ-Up tents to the beach.  They are heavy!  They take multiple people to put together.  Did I mention they are heavy?! This pop up beach tent is simple to assemble. It can be done easily by one person.  It has great coverage.  It fits with excess room into the back it’s stored in.  In fact, we added a few of our microfiber towels into the tent bag along with our sunscreen.  There was room to spare. I’d consider buying another one since it was so lightweight and simple to get to the beach and set up.

          3. Native Citrus Blossom Deodorant It’s important not to stink while on the beach.  This celan deodorant smells like summer to me.  It has a very beachy vibe to it.  I wish I would have remembered to pick up the Native sunscreen as well. I haven’t tried it before, but I’m so pleased with the deodorant I’d love to give their sunscreen a try.

          4. Beach Floating Saddle: I feel like this floating device is most conducive for floating and talking with friends.  However, if you’d like more of your body exposed to the rays, I recommend the next float.

          5. Beach Floating Seat: This float is easier to relax on, and still get a nice tan, if that’s what you’re after. 

          Pick up one or all of these items and it’s sure to help you enjoy your beach vacation all the more.  I know it helped me to relax and have a blast while it dug my toes into the sand. 

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            How to Balance Marriage & Kids

            Balance marriage and kids

            I recently asked my friends on Instagram: what are some questions you’d like  answered from a girl happily married for 27 years and mother to 4 kids.  The following question in one form or another was a popular one:

             How do you balance marriage & kids?

            When we welcomed our first baby into our home 23 years ago, we viewed her as a cute little creature that was joining our already established union.  In other words, Drew and I were a unit. Then we added an addition to join us and enjoy what we already had going on.  Sure a baby brings with it  necessary needs.  Those needs {food, shelter, clothing, snuggles} can’t be ignored or the baby doesn’t survive. However, the child doesn’t join you and your spouse and skyrocket to CEO of the fam. 

            It’s become quite commonplace once kids come into the picture to ignore the marital part of the relationship and focus on the parental part of the relationship. It can be so extreme that parents no longer feel like husband and wife, but more like head and assistant coach to the team of kids they produced. Therefore, I can’t emphasize this enough: PRIORITIZING YOUR SPOUSE.

            Here are a few suggestions  to help you have time to connect with your spouse.

            Create an Early Bedtime for your Children:  When our kids were little I was religious about making sure our kids’ sleep schedule was strong.  12 hours, plus a solid nap in the afternoon. The book Baby Wise helped me with the sleep schedule.  This book and it’s concepts have come under some scrutiny over the last few years I hear.  May I suggest taking what resonates with you and disregarding the rest.  However, I will tell you all 4 of my kids have very different personalities and they all slept through the night within 6-8 weeks of coming home from the hospital.

            I went down a bit of a rabbit trail there, so let’s refocus.  What I meant to emphasize is the importance of an early bedtime.  Putting your kids to bed by 7 or 8pm allows you to have several hours with your spouse at night.  Having a few peaceful hours to snuggle, watch a show, read a book, talk, or anything that slows down the regular pace of the day WITH YOUR SPOUSE is recommended. When your kids get older you can retreat to your room & the kids will put themselves to bed.  I know young momma, your day is coming!

            A second suggestion is this:  Establish a Weekly Date Night: Set aside one night a week to date your mate.  You may have been tempted to skip over this suggestion because you don’t have it in the budget for a weekly date night. I totally understand.  However, may I suggest, before your shut me down here, that you get creative. Consider these suggestions:

            • swapping kids with another couple. 
            • putting the kids to bed  early and ordering in.
            • Adjust the budget and prioritize together-ness.
            • Sell excess items on Facebook Marketplace and put the earnings toward date night.

            The goal is undivided time together without excuse.The age old adage “Where there’s a will there’s a way” can definitely be applied here.  Our long term goal, when the kids are grown and gone, is that Drew and I still KNOW each other, LIKE each other and ENJOY each other’s company.

            Finally, vacation together, just the two of you, once a year: If the dating suggestion ruffled your financial feathers, this one will likely get under your skin even more! But, I’m sticking with it.  “Vacation” doesn’t have to be defined as an all-inclusive on the beaches of Mexico.  It can be a weekend retreat to a borrowed family member’s cabin. I recommend you get creative.  It doesn’t have to be far, or long or expensive.  It  does have to be JUST THE TWO OF YOU.  No friends. No kids. No pets. PS: Your kids will be fine!

            Enjoy connecting with your spouse.  Prioritize your relationship.  Your future self will thank you.  You know who else will thank you one day?  Your kids!

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              A Short Girl’s Jean Fringe Hem

              Denim fringe DIY

              I’m short. As in, I’m 5’2”. I like to say my “height” is in my torso.  Leaving my legs with very little vertical elevation. I love that a raw edge seam is instyle for jeans right now. I have to alter about 90% of the denim I wear, unless it’s sold as “cropped”  Cropped usually fits me as a regular hem. 

              The raw edge style makes altering jeans quite easy: just chop them off!  However, I love a significant fringe on the cut edge. When I looked up the easiest way to accomplish this, I was discouraged to find out I needed to pull the horizontal threads from the denim one by one with a needle, leaving the vertical threads as the desired fringe.  

              I’m not known for jumping on a project that takes a lot of intricate work and extended time.  I just don’t have the patience to do it. However, I uncovered a solution!  It’s worked out perfectly. Here’s what I did:

              Denim fringe
              1. Cut upward every 1/8th of an inch all the way around the bottom of the denim.
              2. Cut up as high as you want the fringe to appear.
              3. Wet the cut section and ring it out.
              4. Throw them in the dryer.  This is where the magic happens.  Each cut strip begins to fringe, giving the illusion that you pulled each horizontal thread in the denim which would take hours and hours to do!  But you didn’t  you just made little cuts all the way around the hem.
              5. If it’s not frayed enough, wet again.  Dry again.  With each wash the fringe gets better and better!


              Finished denim fringe

              It’s literally that simple.  The only thing left to do is to slip on your favorite shoes and shirt with your freshly styled jeans and have a ball!

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                DIY Table Lamp Dupe

                Table Lamp Dupe

                I’m really not a DIYer, but I keep finding myself pulling out the glue gun and spray paint.  I figure if it has less than 3 steps and doesn’t require much precision, then even I can handle it.  A few weeks back my friend sent me a photo of a lamp she saw while shopping for home decor.  She said, “This looks like something you’d like & I bet you could make it.”  

                I’ll be the first to admit, I would rather shop for a deal than create something.  I pride myself in my ability to scope out a bargain. When it comes to crafty projects I often end up spending more than I intended, and liking my reproduction less.  This particular lamp had a $925 price tag.  That gave me a lot of wiggle room to do it for less. It felt like a challenge I couldn’t fail.  I mean, it could fail, but not because of its price point.  I knew I could recreate it for less.  Much less.

                This is the lamp I set out to recreate.

                I picked up a lamp with modern lines from Goodwill for $8. I ordered a pack of 1 inch wooden balls from Amazon for $9. I bought a lamp shade from Walmart for $12.  And lastly, I purchased a can of satin finish spray paint for $4. Using the hot glue I already had on hand I got to work.  I measured out the proper spacing, which felt very thorough for me.  I typically prefer to eyeball it.  The one thing I didn’t do, and I wish I had, was to scuff up the lamp a bit with sandpaper to help the wooden balls adhere more securely. A few fell off when I spray painted.  Before reattaching them, I used the sandpaper on those spots. Lesson learned.


                I literally glued on the wooden balls, spray painted the lamp and called it good! For under $35 I have a very trendy, stylish $925 lamp dupe. I think it’s safe to say, I’m proud of the results.

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                  I’m Sara Anthony. I love keeping things simple, working along side my husband, Drew, & raising our 4 kids. I've dedicated this space to sharing what I've learned about raising teenagers, simplifying our home and staying motivated through accountability.


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